YouChain S.p.A. born from the determination of a small group of small Italian investors wishing to create their own venture capital management fund for the sale and management of third generation digital assets. The Company was established through the incorporation of a fully paid-up share capital, divided in turn into shares with a value of one euro each. Each investor is therefore a shareholder with a share of ownership equal to the subscribed share of capital: for statutory clauses, the maximum number of shares that can be held must be less than half of the total shares issued by the Company.

The company mission stems from the thematic conviction of how the current worldwide evolution of the fin-tech sector represents an embryonic phase of future development of global financial markets, especially as regards the diffusion and usability of medium-capitalization altcoins. Over one hundred shareholders decided to join forces, skills, knowledge and above all financial resources to manage a critical mass of risk capital, made up of the same social capital, to carry out strategic investment transactions in digital assets developed on the blockchains of third generation.

There are numerous professionals in the financial world, with complementary competences: this has allowed the creation of a restricted club of private investors, among them all shareholders with a common objective. The critical mass of risk capital consisting of the payments of individual shareholders is managed through a core satellite strategy: a portion of the company's assets are invested in traditional financial instruments aimed at generating periodic income flows, while the residual is immobilized in digital assets with different re-evaluation drivers. Digital assets are segregated in cold storage at the world's most prestigious custody companies.

YouChain S.p.A.
Capitale Sociale Euro 500.000,00 interamente versato
Via Ludovico Zamenhof 795 - 36100 Vicenza (Italia) - EU
Contact  (0039)  0444 149 7522